Private Lands

While the Southwest has vast tracts of publicly-owned land, about 97% of Texas is privately owned. It goes without saying, then, that private lands are one of the most critical components for successful conservation and restoration in the state. This is why we consider our private lands consulting services to be an essential part of our mission.

Public Lands

This country’s network of public lands was established to conserve its irreplaceable natural and cultural resources. While legal protections against land development have ensured their persistence in the face of unprecedented economic growth, unanticipated challenges like climate change, altered disturbance regimes, and invasive species threaten the beauty, heritage, and biodiversity these places were founded to protect. Continued research and advocacy are needed to maintain them.

Urban Spaces

While cities account for only a fraction of land area on the planet, they contain a staggering percentage of the its population. This means that city-dwellers exert a disproportionate and often unwitting influence on how the rest of our land is used. Through outreach and education, and by building connections with the natural world inside and outside the urban core, cities can serve as hubs of social and democratic change in support of conservation and the environment.